It is the most practical and accurate inductance and capacitance meter in the laboratory etc.

Practical LC meter with nano-henry measurement function
Accuracy and linearity with capacity are very good.
Use the SLC-5020A to find out which voltage and frequency to measure with an ABB style precision LCR meter.

If you've spent a lot of money measuring the exact values of inductance and capacitance but didn't get good results, choose the SLC-5020A.

Do you want to have a standard? 

  Standard Accuracy LC Meter

Inductance : 1 nH ~ 500 mH
Capacitance : 0.1 pF ~ 9.99 μF

Easy, reliable and accurate measurement


USD 1,350.00
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basic configuration : SLC-5020A, Manual, C type USB cable.

Sold separately
ZIP Probe 17063A    USD 60.00
SMD Probe 15025A    USD 38.00
SMD Probe 15003A    USD 7.50

SMD Probe 15003A only available with ZIF Probe






Measurement example






0.001 μF  =  1.000 nF   =   1000 pF

If you see NoCo (No Coil) before inserting any jumpers or components in Lx mode, then the oscillation has stopped because there is no inductor to enter in series.

SLC-5020A  Specification

Features and functions
  -  Measures only inductor and capacitor values in component form
  -  Stable measurement even in small quantities (0.01 pF ~, 1 nH (Nano Henry)~)
  -  Easy to measure with a large display device, quick measurement, and excellent visibility
  -  High accuracy and ease of use within the measuring range
  -  Good display stability (the value of the part being measured does not fluctuate)
  -  The measurement value is updated several times per second and the value is calculated and displayed immediately using the resonant frequency without averaging the values. 
  -  Almost unaffected by materials such as dielectrics using the LC resonance frequency calculation method.
  -  Display rate of up to 5 measurements per second.

   ※ In LC resonant schemes, bulky inductors have large values because their parasitic capacitance directly affects the resonant circuit. With Large L mode, parasitic capacitance is eliminated and displayed with high accuracy. 

Where to use
-  Lab (RF and Advanced Audio)
  -  Laboratory, such as a school
 -  After manufacturing the inductor and capacitor, check the capacity (value)
By measuring the actual value of the capacitor, it can be used to find the measurement frequency and level of the ABB LCR meter.
  - When low value capacitors and inductors require high accuracy and stable indication




Measurement mode
(3 Mode)

     Inductor,  Large Inductor (single shot),  Capacitor

Measurement Range
(Automatic unit change)


    1 nH ~ 1 mH    (Resolution : 2nH under 10uH, or last digit ±1~2)
                                                 ※ 2.0666nH

Large Inductor
(single shot measurement)

    100 uH ~ 500 mH  (Large parasitic capacitance, bulky inductors)   


    0.1 pF ~ 9.99 μF   (Resolution : 0.02pF under 100pF, or last digit ±1~2)

Basic accuracy

     ±0.1%  (23 ℃ ±5℃)      The standard is within 0.02% of our standard.

Measurement method

     LC resonance  :  About 730kHz to 6kHz depending on inductor or capacitor value.

※ Measurements outside the range of about 730 kHz to 6 kHz are not possible by adding L or C to the resonant circuit inside the instrument.
※ You can measure the most common L and C, with the exception of iron cored inductors, electrolytic capacitors, some tantalum capacitors, etc.

※ When configuring standard equipment, it is necessary to stabilize the resonant frequency and temperature of the measurement environment after turning on the power.

Do not stretch the measuring probe as it is directly connected to the internal resonant circuit to calculate the resonant frequency.

    In the case of a small-capacity inductor, measure up to the line connected to the inductor and obtain a value as large as this length.

Detailed Accuracy    ※ The actual accuracy is better than the display below.

Inductor (small)

     1 nH ~ 9.999 μH       ± 2 nH
     10 uH ~ 370 μH         ± 0.1 %
     371 uH ~ 1 mH    ± 0.2 %

Large Inductor
(single shot)

    100 μH ~ 200 mH     ± 0.2 %
    200 mH ~ 500 mH     ± 0.3 %


    0.01 pF ~ 99.99 pF     ± 0.02 pF
    100 pF ~ 370 nF       ± 0.1 %
    370 nF ~ 3.7 μF       ± 0.12 %

    3.7 μF ~  9.999 μF    ± 0.2 %

※ Large Inductor : An inductor in the form of a bulky component (including standard inductors, etc.).
Accuracy may be compromised if the volume is too large to access the probe.   

See "Measurement Examples" for measurable inductors and capacitors.


  Body Banana Jack : Standard devices such as banana plugs are measured directly here.

ZIF Probe 17063A  :  ZIF Probe manual
SMD Probe 15025A
  SMD Probe 15003A (Available for ZIF Probe only)

Shielding components must be measured with the shield polarity connected to G (GND).
L or C and a contaminated probe will affect the measurement.



  DC 5V  500 mA  : C type USB Jack (No Auto Power OFF) ; External power supply for continuous use
  or  Li-ion 18650 1 Cell (3.7V(4.2V)) (Charging when using an external power source) ;
Auto Power OFF
  Automatic charging of internal Li-ion with 5V power.
  Main DC current 100 mA,  Charging maximum current 400 mA

Size and Weight

  200 x 167 x 71 mm   800 g
   7.8" x 6.5" x 2.7"     1.8 lb

Data Out

  USB Data ouput : Outputs the measured value (9600 bps). It is used only when receiving a value from another system and using it. (FT232RL driver required)

Unit display

Inductance Mode

Capacitor Mode

  0 -  999 nH  

 0.00 -   9.99 pF

1.000 -  9.999 μH

10.00 - 99.99 pF

10.00 -  99.99 μH

100.0 - 999.9 pF

100.0 -  999.9 μH

1.000 - 9.999 nF

1.000 - 1.999 mH

10.00 - 99.99 nF

10.00 - 99.99 mH

100.0 - 999.9 nF

100.0 - 599.9 mH

1.000 - 9.999 μF

Units & range change automatically


Product content
    SLC-5020A , C type cable, Manual  (Visit "" for more information.)

    Sold separately :

          ① ZIF Probe 17063A (Banana Plug Type)
SMD Probe 15025A (Banana Plug Type)
SMD Probe  15003A (Header pin Type) : Available for ZIF probes(①) only









ATC  600S0R3AT250XT       0.3 pF  ±0.05pF

27 nH    5%  Coilcraft   1008HS-270T  2520

77 nH   Coilcraft    164-04 No Core

56 nH   Coilcraft    164-04S No Core



Standard Accuracy LC Meter  SLC-5020A



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