Standard Accuracy LC Meter

Meter using precision LC resonance method
Do you want to have a standard? 

Use the SLC-5020A to find out which voltage and frequency to measure with an ABB style precision LCR meter.

The display does not shake and measures accurately.


SLC-5020A  Measurement example

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 Variable Inductor General Radio 107

 Variable Capacitor General Radio 1422-CB

 Wire Loop Inductor (One turn loop Inductance)
                                       21nH ~ 1000nH

 SMD 1608 etc.   0.3 pF ~ 100 pF

 1 Turn ~ 10 Turn   11nH ~ 152nH

 Lead type Ceramic Capacitor  NP0 1 pF ~ 39 pF

 CoilCraft 164, 165 series   57nH ~ 122nH

 Vintage  Capacitor  1.5 pF ~ 9.9 μF

 SMD Inductor   8.2 nH ~ 1 mH

 Audio Capacitor  1000 pF ~ 8.2 μF

 Inductors of various shapes  21nH ~ 175mH

 Mica | Glass | Film | Tantal  Capacitor

 Standard Inductor ; 106, 1481, 1482 etc.  
                                        1 mH  ~  500 mH

 Standard Air Capacitor 1401 (Low value reference)
 10 pF,  100 pF,  200 pF,  500 pF,  1000 pF

 Standard Inductor ; Mykit Technology
           1 μH,  10 μH,  100 μH,  1 mH,  10 mH,  100 mH

 Standard Mica Capacitor 1409
   1 nF, 2 nF, 5 nF, 10 nF, 20 nF,
0.2 μF, 0.5 μF, 1 μF

Variable Inductor  (1)
General Radio 107-S, 107-G

Standard Inductor

CoilCraft 164, 165 series

SMD Inductor

Variable Capacitor  (2)
General Radio 1422-CB, VVC

Standard Capacitor

Referance Capacitor

SMD Capacitor

(1) Shows variable measurements.
     Variable Inductor Range

General Radio 107-S
Rotor and Stator in parallel
μH ~ 120 μH

General Radio
107-G (2251) 
Rotor and Stator in series
  450 μH ~ 4.28 mH  (430 μH ~ 4mH)

(2) Shows variable measurements.
     Variable Capacitor Range

General Radio 1422-CB

  55 pF ~ 1200


 Standard Value 998.3pF Mica Capacitor

 Comparative measurement with other instruments
(타 기기와 비교 측정)

 Comparative measurement with other instruments
(타 기기와 비교 측정)


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nH Inductor 측정방법
Standard Inductor 측정 예
측정 예

타 기기와 비교 측정

Standard Capacitor 측정 예
측정 예

타 기기와 비교 측정




Usage example
사용 예

Example video

User Guide
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 SLC-5020A  Manual





In LCR meters based on impedance measurement, LC measurement only shows good accuracy in some sections. In this section, the capacitance difference due to dielectric is also shown.
The basic accuracy of this LCR Meter is the accuracy of impedance (0.05%, etc.). In the case of LC, it is the same as the example below, but the error during actual measurement is larger.

고가의 임피던스 측정을 기반으로 하는 LCR 미터에서도 LC 측정은 일부 구간에서만 좋은 정확도를 보여줍니다. 이 구간에서 유전체 등에 의한 용량 오차도 있습니다.

이런 LCR Meter의 기본 정확도는 임피던스의 확도(0.05% 등)를 말하며 LC의 경우 아래 표와 같지만 실제 측정에서는 더 많은 오차를 내기도합니다.