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  Standard Accuracy LC Meter

A practical LC meter that can also measure with the NanoHenry

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SLC-5020A  PC Version


 - Measure L, C capacity only (value)
Stable measurement in small volumes.     
    0.01 pF ~
    1 nH (Nano Henry)~
Easy to measure with a large display device, quick measurement, and excellent visibility
High accuracy within the measuring range
Good display stability with no shake
Almost unaffected by materials such as dielectrics using the LC resonance frequency calculation method
Compact size for easy transport

 Purpose of use
Lab (RF and Advanced Audio)
laboratory, such as a school
After manufacturing inductor and capacitor, check the capacity (value)
 - Real-Value Measurements for Impedance Measurements LCR Meter-Based Measurements Finding Frequency and Levels
For low value capacitors and inductors when high accuracy and stable indication are required.

 Measurement Range
   Inductor 1nH ~ 500mH,  
0.01pF ~ 9uF 

Measure only inductors and capacitors in component form

Display method
    4 Digit
(3 digits for 10pF, 1uH or less)
 Lx 187 nH ,  Lx 2.012 uH,  
        Lx 33.12 uH,  Lx 270.9 uH,  
        Lx 2.021mH,  Lx 11.73 mH,
        Lx 100.1 mH, Lx 500.2 mH,  
        Cx0.32 pF,   Cx 2.21 pF,
        Cx 159.3 pF,  Cx 1.004 nF,
        Cx 10.02 nF, Cx 980.5 nF,

        Cx 1.202 uF, Cx 9.005 uF

Measurement error (Accuracy)
    Basic 0.1%     (23 ℃ ±5℃)

Measurement method
LC resonance
 Resonant frequency about 730KHz ~ 6KHz

 ▩ Probe
   Bady Banana Jack

    : Devices with standard banana plugs are measured directly from the body.

  ZIF Probe  :  lead type

SMD Probe  :  SMD

      USB 5V or Li-ion 18650 1Cell

 ▩ USB Data Output
Outputs the measured value (9600 bps)

 ▩ Operating Temperature
10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Size and Weight  :
      200 x 167 x 71 mm   820 g
     7.8" x 6.5" x 2.7"   1.8 lb

Based on expensive impedance measurement within the measurement range, it is a capacitor and inductor measuring instrument comparable to the ABB LCR meter.
Even with an ABB LCR meter, it is not easy to accurately measure a small capacity, and there is an error depending on the dielectric or magnetic material.
SLC-5020A can measure with no or minimal error.


 Measurement example

ATC 250V C0G   0.3 pF  ±0.05 pF

Sincera MLCC NP0  1608(0803)  1 pF

Air Capacitor  10pF

AVX MLCC 2012 NP0  15 pF

Siemens B34350 1000pF ±1%

GR Standard 1409-K 0.005 μF (5 nF)

GR Standard  1409-L 0.01 μF (10 nF)

GR Standard  1409-M 0.02 μF (20 nF)

GR Standard   1409-Y 1 μF

H-G (CH Side) 2.687 nF
L-G (C
L Side) 2.694 nF
The actual capacity of 1409-Y is 1.005 μF


#22(0.65mm) 11mm Dia.Loop  20 nH

CoilCraft 164-06 No Core 128 nH

Standard Inductor 10 uH

Standard Inductor 1 mH

Standard Inductor 10 mH